Outcasts Of The Capsule - Bass God Blaize

Outcasts Of The Capsule - Bass God Blaize

Throughout the DDA warehouse, we have the most fire “chunes” (as kids call it nowadays) absolutely “bumping.” From the heart melting melodies of Frank Ocean, to the face melting bangers of RL Grime, all music is acceptable here (as long as it doesn't suck, and we definitely aren't “beliebers”). For this capsule, we bring to you “Blaize”. A personal friend, a fantastic artist, and a definite disappointment to his parents. 

Peyton: "So tell us about how you got the name Blaize."

Blaize: "Blaize is my middle name." *goes to pull out ID to show on camera* "yea know what, Im actually not gonna show everybody my ID.

Peyton: "yea that's probably a good idea, so your middle name is legit Blaize?"

Blaize: "same font and everything"

Peyton: "Oh, they fonted it on the document?"

Blaize: "Yea, my logo is on my license."

Peyton: "Tell us about your music dude! We know you as a Bass demon, but also know you as a House homie. Why’d you decide to not only torture people with not one genre of music, but two?"

Blaize: "I want my dungeon to accept all genres so like if you're gonna be tortured, you're gonna be tortured from all angles."

Peyton: "We noticed you host an event called “The Chop Off”. This latest event, “The Chop Off 4.0” looked incredible. Tell us a little bit about how you got people to actually attend a show you were playing?"

Blaize: "Im gonna just give CodDubbz and Al Ross the credit on that one. We do the Chop Offs every three months. We also have the Dopest House Party, the next one coming up is Volume 2."

Peyton: "So every time you do this house party you just add a number to the end of it? just adding one? So what happens when we are in like the four digits?"

Blaize: "We switched to Roman Numerals."

Peyton: "Wow, thats some big brain maneuvers right there."

Peyton: "What is the secret to your success so far? Because like, if you can do it, I'd assume anyone could right?"

Blaize: "Just got to stay consistent, no breaks. Don't make terrible music, that might help. And don't get cancelled."

Peyton: "So whenever you are in the creative process of making your music, do you ever stop to think to yourself, “what if this time I try making something decent?”

Blaize: "That's always the main goal, but we don't always reach these goals."

Peyton: "Where can fans and new eyes go to support you? Shout yourself out"

Blaize: "My name is Blaize, and I make music. Music that moves you. Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple, everything. Look me up, B-L-A-I-Z-E. On the house music, if you lean that way, B-L-A-S-E with the little thing on the E. Make sure you check out Dead Dad Affiliated, it is the best skate brand in the world lets go. 

Peyton: "yo, the best in the world?"

Blaize: "yea, of course."

Peyton: "thank you so much."

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All of these answers from our interview were paraphrased by our team to put into text format. If you'd like to see the entire interview, head over to youtube.com/deaddadaffiliated

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