Outcast Of The Capsule - Sam Horton

Outcast Of The Capsule - Sam Horton

We are literally a skate clothing brand, so to keep our image positive, we had to break out our nose plugs and sit down with some actual skaters. Everybody on the DDA team wishes they could skate, but since none of us actually can, we have to live vicariously through coordinated people. So lets get down to business; with bruised knees, (hopefully from skateboarding), and a love for wood, let me introduce Sam Horton.

P: so the better the skater the better the tricks. is your favorite trick, tricking people into believing you are homeless?

S: "Haha, well. It's easier to get beer money when people think you're homeless. It's an old industry secret. Keep that on the down low." 

P: If in another life you weren’t allowed to skate, would you strip? considering you both like to grind on poles?

S: "Stripping is good money. I'd do it in this lifetime if anyone wanted to see me naked."

P:Skaters are known to be covered in scrapes and bruises all the time. Does it ever bother you that you make more impact on the ground than you do on your local skate scene?

S: "lol the ground and I have grown very close over the years. I'm not too worried about impacting the local skate scene. For me, it's all about getting out with my friends and having a good time."

P: So you’re also a tattoo artist and a HUGE hot wheels fan?! that’s really cool that they let 12 year old's tattoo people now. Do you collect hot wheels cars because you can’t get approved for a real one?

S: "That's actually 100% spot on. They won't let me anywhere near the real versions so hot wheels is the best I can do. They don't go as fast but think about all the money I'm saving."

P: You’ve been skating since you were young. how did your dad feel about you skating versus playing an actual sport?

S: "My dad used to be quite the climber when he was my age. I'm not sure what the bigger dirt bag sport is. the apple doesn't fall far from the tree I guess. I'm sure he's proud" 

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